Mad Fox Friday - Brand New Legs

For this week's edition of Mad Fox Fridays, we spoke to Brand New Legs.

Creating music to listen to whilst mum and dad are fighting.. Brand New Legs have successfully recorded two tracks at Mad Fox which are currently unreleased.

We spoke to him about their recorded tracks, journey as a solo band and their plans for 2022.

Taylor Duffy

Can you tell us a bit about the track?

Pleasure is sort of written about struggling with feelings of a-sexuality, wanting to experience some sort of romantic connection but not really being able to get there.

Musically we wanted to create some attitude and some drive kind of mirroring some of the angst in the lyrics.

Who were you listening too before/whilst recording it?

We liked the lyrical ideas of Car Seat Headrest, the song is about asexuality in many ways so they resonated with us. Musically King Krule is a big inspiration - we like the grit in his tones and the attitude of his stuff. We look to Siouxsie and the Banshees a lot as well, we feel that with Jens voice there is a lot we can draw on and think about.

How do you approach recording a track as a band?

When developing a track, we’ll have multiple ideas in mind, we start playing around with these ideas and begin forming a song out of them. Pleasure came about in this way, just jamming on a riff until it sounded how we wanted it to. We feel the process of recording is essentially just working out the kinks in the tracks and perfecting the details

When’s the release date, where will we be able to find it?

The track is coming out on the 31st March, we are doing a release gig along with it at Night People in Manchester. It’s coming out on all major streaming platforms, and we are also getting back into gigging properly so you can come and hear this track and a few more at our live shows.

What’s one goal you want to achieve with the track?

We are honestly just excited to have some music out, we’ve been asked where people can listen to our stuff and pleasure always got people moving the most so we though we’d go with that. We’re hoping people can enjoy the track in their own time the same way they enjoy it live

What’s next?

After recording pleasure, we’re looking to release out next track shade which is kind of a parallel to pleasure but looks at some different ideas. We’ve also got some gigs lined up, starting with Night People on the 31st - we’re very excited to get back to playing live.

You can find Brand New Legs at @brandnewlegs on Instagram. Taylor Duffy - @taylorduffyjourno on Instagram and

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