Mad Fox Friday - Colorful Crimes

For this week's edition of Mad Fox Fridays, I spoke to Colorful Crimes.

Self-described as an Alt-Pop artist, Colorful Crimes has successfully recorded one track at Mad Fox, Want It, which was released in February. It has already gained recognition from BBC Introducing and had a successful launch party.

We spoke to him about his tracks, recording journey as a solo artist and his plans for 2022.

Taylor Duffy

Can you tell us a bit about the track?

Want It was written as a result of my childhood in a remote town in the countryside, where due to the attitudes of so many, the downtroddenness of such a multitude of women I used to know, and how for some reason men are simply allowed to get away with their bigoted attitudes and comments - presumably because ‘that’s always how it’s been isn’t it?’ and how everyone is afraid to speak out, sexual harassment, snide comments and violence towards women is rife. Pubs, shops, households, and high streets are never without the old-spiced-tinged ‘alright love’ from a middle aged man in slip on brown boots and cheap jeans. The song was also written as a direct result of me discovering that a man I unfortunately used to call my friend was recently accused and arrested for rape, I wrote this song as a direct result to call him, and others, out.

Who were you listening too before/whilst recording it?

The song is directly inspired by Somerset duo Sad Night Dynamite, and LA born powerhouse BANKS. As well as taking some inspiration from a sample used by Ross From Friends, I wrote the main hook some months prior to recording the single whilst listening to these artists - among others - on repeat, and eventually it did that thing where songs write themselves and naturally morph into a reflection of the lyrics in the musicality. Unintentionally, the song could also be compared to Billie Eilish’s ‘Therefore I Am’, I just loved that glitchy, dark pop sound I was going for so much that I ended up just leaning into it, and I think the track really benefits from it.

How do you approach recording a track as a solo artist?

After recoding and producing the entire ‘Reality / Normality’ EP in my bedroom alone over the course of 4 months, getting in the studio and working with Tayte was a strange experience at first, I’m usually extremely perfectionistic when it comes to getting the sound in my head onto a record, however this time I had to relinquish some of that control; the sound of the track is so marketable that I let go of the reigns a little so that Tayte could lend a hand to producing the track and use his experience in what would work and what wouldn’t. I’m still so picky though, we spent 3 hours solid together just finalising the mix after I’d already received 3 re-edits and still wasn’t happy, my fault not his!

When’s the release date, where will we be able to find it?

Want It was released in conjunction with a gig at Retro Bar on 21/2/22, go and get it everywhere right now!

What’s one goal you want to achieve with the track?

The goal is to finally reach 1000 streams on a song on Spotify with this new single, a few algorithmic playlist adds would be amazing, and I’ve passed it on to a number of Manchester city centre bars who have had an amazing reaction to it, so I hope to hear it around town too! The song does have a TikTok sound to it too, so who knows maybe keep your eyes open on there too.

What’s next?

My live band and I are just looking to play gig after gig for the next 6 months and to see all of your beautiful faces there, they and I love just being in the moment and having our songs sung back to us, it’s honestly the most gratifying and humbling experience, for such a small project I think we’ve made a big impact lyrically over the EP and the new single and one that I think really resonates with a live audience, new music should also be out in summer too so listen out for when it drops!!

You can find Colorful Crimes at @colorful_crimes on Instagram.

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