Mad Fox Fridays - College Elite

For this week's edition of Mad Fox Fridays, I spoke to Manchester-born College Elite, the music project of Joshua William.

Self-described as an Alt-Rock Bruce Springsteen, College Elite has successfully recorded two tracks at Mad Fox with one, Next Semester, being released late January and gaining recognition from BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio.

We spoke to him about his tracks, recording journey as a solo artist and his plans for 2022.

Taylor Duffy

Can you tell us a bit about your latest track, Next Semester?

This was a song I had with my old band from a few years ago. So much has changed in the song but the chorus line remained the same. I really liked the two lines which went ‘next semester/sophomore year’ and wanted to write the song around that. I changed most of the lyrics in the verse to more of a story, and included a bunch of really specific references about my life like my dvd set of The X Files and getting picked up by my mum from school, both of which are 100% true.

Who were you listening to before/whilst recording it?

Loads of Mom Jeans who are a big influence. They’re like pop punk/slacker rock. And definitely a lot of The Night Game too, his song Our Generation was probably what inspired the voice notes on the song.

How do you approach recording a track as a solo artist?

When I write the songs it’s usually just me and an acoustic guitar, I then take them to rehearsal with my drummer Ollie and we put it all together. I don’t like tinkering with it once we think it’s done either. I’m very open minded however, going into the studio, I have an idea of what I want the track to sound like rather than specific things I want to do. I think the best way of working is not off the table.

I do consider what I’m able to replicate live with there just being two of us, but because of the style of music the instrumentation is always fairly simple.

When’s the release date, where will we be able to find it?

Next Semester is out as of 28th January. All streaming services and lyric videos are on YouTube!

What’s one goal you want to achieve with the track?

The dream is to have a track included in a US teen drama like a modern version of The OC. But having people put the song in their playlists and love it like they do tracks from massive artists is just as good

What’s next for College Elite?

New single I Might Fall Apart recorded at Mad Fox with Tayte coming out in spring, and then will be working on more music and gigs for the rest of the years!

You can find College Elite on @collegeelite on Instagram or on his website:

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