Mad Fox Fridays - Shape Of Water

For this week’s instalment, we spoke to Shape of Water. The duo recently recorded multiple tracks at the studio. We spoke to them about the track, their experience recording it and what's next.

Can you tell us a bit about the track?

The song was an experiment for us. During the second lockdown we did a series of livestream sessions and one of those was actually a writing session. We decided to compose a song with our fans and we basically wrote all the main parts during these live streaming sessions. We couldn’t come up with the lyrics immediately though, perhaps because the way we wrote the song was very different from what we did so far.

Luckily, one day in August, Luca wrote these lyrics which basically are about the sense of guilt during a hangover.

Who were you listening to before/whilst recording it?

To be honest we weren’t really inspired by anyone. We wanted to write a rock song with a catchy riff and that’s what we came up with! Considering our main influences though, we’d say Audioslave, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ozzy Osbourne.

How do you approach recording a track as a solo artist?

Usually before entering the studio for the final recording session, we work on a pre-production and we try to make it sound as much as similar to want we want for the final product. We want to be satisfied already with it. We invest a lot of time searching for the right sound, experimenting stuff.

It happened several times that we changed some songs hundreds of times before going to the studio.

How was your experience in the Studio?

We can definitely say that our experience was more than satisfying, absolutely positive. Tayte was very interested in our ideas and our way of working and he was able to elaborate all our requests, and add some more of his own! We have not finished the product yet but we are very happy already of what we heard so far!

What’s one goal you want to achieve with the track?

Starting with our own satisfaction in producing music and developing and sharing our ideas, of course, our goal is to become awfully rich and famous! Escape from the slavery of everyday life and wage work to devote ourselves completely to a life of art.

What’s next?

Finish the track and the rest of the album, release it before the end of the year and keep on playing live.

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