One of the most important parts of recording is having a high quality facility to ensure the track sounds as good as it possibly can and that is exactly what the Mad Fox studio offers. The recording facilities are not just perfect for music but are also suited to recording any type of audios such as podcasts and audio books. 


Mad Fox is a production house so production is one of our main priorities here. With every track you do at the studio, our talented producers will ensure you get all three stages of production.

Firstly there is Pre-production, the initial stage of the development of a track, establishing ideas and creating a draft. Then there is production itself then finally Post-production which is an over-all refinement of the track. 

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With each track that is recorded and produced at the studio, one mix is included. A mixed track will be done by your producer and the goal is to bring out the best sounds from your track.


We always suggest getting your track mastered, Mad Fox works alongside some highly rated mastering engineers which we can recommend to you. 

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Artist development is important to us here and should be important to you too. There is no point in working so hard in the studio to then go release the track on Soundcloud with minimal promo. The way we see it, planning the release properly as well as doing the right promotion, everyone benefits. If it’s something you would like help on, we can help you plan the release, create promotion, send our radio stations contacts with your track, give you social media content ideas and even provide you with a track release by our in-house journalist.  

Artist Development